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1.0.1 SERIES

This is a proof of concept meant to give a glimpse of what the Sci-fi pilot series we are looking to produce feels like.

logline: "After he, along with 14% of the world population unexplainably found themselves with supernatural abilities, an introverted high school teacher living on a secluded island is trying to figure out his place in a community that is overcome by a sudden wave of violence."

Directed by Johwell St-Cilien

Director of Photography: Edward Green

Executive Producer: Edward Green

Produced by Johwell St-Cilien

Editor Edward Green

Sound Mixer Edward green



Ava: Ruah Barkan

Man In Black: Jira Turner 

Mother:  Carmen Doane-Barkan

Nurse 1: Sarah Lawlor

Nurse 2: Brittany Gordon



SFX Make-up Artist: Lucretia Froke

Boom Operator/Key Grip: Adrien Ace

Gaffer/Sound Mixer/Edited by Edward Green


1.0.1 proof of concept for the original One15 series written by Johwell St-Cilien

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